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PIC: Rich Borrink, Owner of Rich's Total Computer

I understand the vital role that your computers play in your home and business. That's why I make service calls: to ensure that your computers are running at 100% of their potential. Hi, I'm Rich Borrink of Rich's Total Computer (RTC).

RTC is a full-service computer solutions company focused on residences and small-businesses in Clinton, DeWitt and the surrounding areas.

You get quick, reliable and cost-effective computer services while maximizing the potential of your computers and related equipment.

For all your computer needs, contact RTC.

Maximizing Computer Performance

PIC: Services

RTC is focused on maximizing the performance of your technical investments, providing quick and reliable service, whether you're upgrading components to meet your growth or you need a virus remedy.

Maximizing your computer performance can be performed on-site with a service call or in our fully-equipped shop.

Computers & Networking

PIC: Computers & Networking

You need computer solutions that are going to grow with your computing needs. RTC has the expertise to recommend an off-the-shelf solution from major brands. But sometimes off-the-shelf computers aren't the exact fit for your needs.

When an off-the-shelf PC solution isn't sufficient, RTC steps up with custom-built computers, using top-notch, state-of-the-art components from all the major brands. You will know the quality of each and every part.

RTC also gets your computers talking to each other and online, whether you need a wired or wireless network or a combination, whether from room-to-room or miles away from facility to another.

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